Kampala District

by September 25, 2017

kampala is the capital city of Uganda with a population of 1,590,710 and is the largest area of NWSC operations serving an 1,395,649 at an access rate of 88 %.

Population Density (people/km2) and Population

50 250 1,000 2,000
  100 500 1,500  
KDV Kawempe DIV 11,600
Kawempe DIV
Population 11,600
NDV Nakawa DIV 6,545
Nakawa DIV
Population 6,545
MDV Makindye DIV 9,492
Makindye DIV
Population 9,492
CDV Central DIV 5,245
Central DIV
Population 5,245
LDV Lubaga DIV 10,811
Lubaga DIV
Population 10,811

Population figures are projections to the above mentioned date based on UBOS census 2014 and district growth rates. Population density is calculated on land area only. Boundaries reflect the preliminary status only.

Piped Water Supply Systems

Type of Scheme/GFSNumber of
Functionality of SystemType of ManagementWB in place
FunctionalNon-FunctionalPartially FunctionalPrivate OperatorWSCPrivate/IndividualNWSCOtherYesNo
Unknown/Not GFS10000001000
Surface Water Based/GFS10000000000

GFS = Gravity Flow Scheme; WB = Water Board; WSC = Water Source Committee