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  • Welcome to Luoyang Boying Bearing Co.,Ltd website!

    Hotline:0379-80888896  Chinese | English
    Luoyang Boying Bearing Co.,Ltd
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    Strong technical force

    Boying is looking forward to working with you

    Excellent technology and equipment

    Corrosion resistance, high load

    Strictly control the core parts

    High precision and low noise

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    Luoyang Boying Bearing Co.,Ltd

    Luoyang Boying Bearing Co., Ltd. (BYC) is located in Luoyang, the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties and the hometown of peony. The north end is close to national highway 310 and Lianhuo expressway, close to the airport, with convenient transportation and superior geographical location, which provides favorable conditions for the development of enterprises. The company specializes in cros...【Learn more】